Schweigert and Gowell RTO's.
1966 Alpha Company on patrol.
Gosie, RTO.
Kovitch and Gowell, RTO's.
Schweigert and Kovitch, RTO's.
Getting a haircut!
A Company Officers and NCO's.
CAPT Davison CO and COMMO SGT Johnson.
105 mm Artillery gun.
Caribou Aircraft.
2nd Platoon Leader leads the way!
Kovitch, RTO.
Kovitch and Gowell.
Lookin for Charlie!
Gowell, F.O.'s RTO.
Doc Megan HQ Medic.
SGT Mike Kovitch, RTO
NAM Photos and Information
A Company 2nd BN 7th CAV
July 1966 - July 1967
Posted With Permission June 2013/jb
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