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Far From the Battlefield, 45 Years  Later
A Reunion For Two  A/2-7 Cav Troopers

5 January 2015
William Gary Mozingo(Right)
who, in 1970, was then a
Captain with A/2-7 Cav in
NAM, reunited with then a
Private, and now, Hon.
Richard (Rick) Bender Abell
(Left) at the Abell's residence
in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. This
was the first time in 45-years
they met and reminisced
together in person.
Rick was finally told exactly
what happened on
5 April 1970, the day he was
wounded. Hugs and
handshakes were exchanged.
During their visit Rick
presented Gary with a copy
of his book Sojourns of a
Patriot about one of Rick's
14 January 2015 Email

From: Hon. Richard Abell
To: Dr. Kendall McNabney (The surgeon who saved Richard Abell's life in NAM)

Kendall: After 45 years, it had not occurred to me that new information as to my wounding on 5 April 1970, in Tay Ninh
Province, Vietnam, would be brought to my attention. As my surgeon, I wrote a long series of emails ten years ago to you
on my experiences so, I should continue on topic!

After my company veteran website Alpha 2-7cav.com accepted my six pages of experiences, I was contacted by my
Company Commander of 1970, then CAPT William Gary Mozingo (later Lieutenant Colonel) who still stays in touch with
the many men he commanded in Vietnam. Candidly, that is laudable.

We had two short phone conversations a year ago. Then he contacted me in December of 2014 to let me know that he
would be driving up to New Jersey (did he need his passport?) and would like to stop by. Ultimately, he arrived on
Sunday, 4 January 2015, and stayed for almost two hours. Drank a lot of coffee! He had an associate with him who was
wounded in Iraq.

He related much that was completely new to me about the sanguinary ambush. He had just ordered out to command the
two squads of us on a recon patrol around the recently constructed firebase one of his best friends, LT Rohr. Of course,
Rohr was killed in the firefight. A little later Mozingo heard a cacophony of machine gun fire and realized that those were
not our guns firing. He quickly pulled together a relief force and came. By that time the NVA had broken contact and
retreated and the two of us wounded medevaced with the seven bodies of the slain. Gary Mozingo walked carefully
through the terrain to view where it all had occurred. He then realized that we had run directly into a well orchestrated
platoon sized ambush with crew served machine guns. In fact, at least one of the machine guns had a tripod and its
gunner well experienced in firing (he fired low and not high - I can testify to that inasmuch as one of the rounds that hit
me was when I was already prone). They also had firing stakes out which is uncommon except with well planned
ambushes. So we walked into a platoon sized ambush with two squads. It was a well spent Sunday morning - even if we
did miss church! I certainly look forward to again meeting with Gary.//Godspeed ~ Richard


Posted: 15 January, 2015/JFB
Richard Bender Abell, Corporal
Alpha 2-7 CAV
NAM 1970
Arrived NAM Mar 1970
Wounded April 5, 1970
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Originally Posted: February 2014/JB
Updated :June 2018/JFB
2014 September
A Special Breakfast Reunion

Hon. Richard Abell (Right) and the Army surgeon who
operated on him when he was wounded in Vietnam,
Dr. Kendall McNabney (Left), met in September
2014, for a special breakfast reunion at the Hamilton
Crowne Plaza on Franklin Square in Washington, D.C.

Posted September 2014/JFB
by Ray Bows & Pia Bows, Bows &
Company, Publishers, New Smyrna
Beach, Florida (2015),
on page 35:
"Fire Support Base Blondin (XT
017-730), 13 km southwest of
Thien Ngon, Tay Ninh Province, III
Corps, established by the 1st
Cavalry Division, was named in
memory of U.S. Army Specialist
Fifth Class Michael Anthony
Blondin ... killed, 29 March 1970 ...
at FSB Jay in Tay Ninh Province."

On page 230: There is also
discussion of the seven troopers
KIA at the action when I, Richard
Abell, was one of two WIA on 5
April 1970. One of those men, CPL
Calvin J. Layton, had FSB Layton
(XT 060-770) named in his memory
During their visit Rick
presented Gary with a copy
of his book Sojourns of a
Patriot about one of Rick's
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